Care Plans

Keep your website running smoothly with no effort.


$69 /mo
  • Software/Plugin Updates
  • Weekly Site Backup
  • Fast Low Traffic Hosting
  • Advanced Security
  • Security Monitoring
  • SSL Security Certificate
  • Software/Plugin Licenses
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Save Money

Mission Critical

$248 /mo
  • All Business Features +
  • Ultra High Traffic Hosting
  • Server Failover
  • Hourly Backups
  • Emergency Priority Support
  • Extreme Security
  • Google Blacklist Monitoring
  • Google Blacklist Removal
  • Speed Monitoring
  • Triple Redundant Backups
  • More Modifications
  • Advanced User Tracking
  • Content Delivery Network
  • Search Engine Rank Tracking

Included In All Plans:

Software/Plugin Updates

Most modern websites are built on dynamic software systems. These systems have incredible benefits, but just like your computer, they need regular updates to stay functional and secure. We handle all of that so don't have to.

Worry Free Updates

Sometimes websites crash or lose data, usually when you make updates.  We've got you covered with weekly off-server back-ups. In the event something goes wrong, we'll be there to fix it.

Fast Low Traffic Hosting

We use some of the best, fastest hosting in the industry to make sure your website runs smoothly. "Low traffic" hosting is perfect for most local businesses. If you're a national business with many thousands of users you may want to upgrade.

Software/Plugin Licenses

The set software that your website is built with are professional grade, and since they require regular updates most also have monthly or yearly fees associated with them. We are able to purchase licenses for these updates in bulk and pass the savings to you through the care plan.

Save Money

Websites are much cheaper to maintain than to fix. Kind of like cars - if you don't change the oil for a long time, things go boom.  Your website needs regular care.  Oh, and if you purchase your own hosting and web software licenses, it'll cost you more monthly than the budget plan. It's a no-brainer.

Uptime Monitoring

Sometimes website crash for all sorts of reasons.  Your website could be down for days before you realize the problem which ultimately hurts your bottom line.  We monitor your site 24/7/365 to make sure it's always running.

  • SSL

    SSL Certificates encrypt the data that;s transferred from and to your website from your customers.  It's that green lock you see in the upper left.  SSL is important because users can know that your site is secure, and if one isn't installed, browsers will soon be displaying a "Note Secure" warning - scaring off potential customers.

  • Advanced Security

    When website security is a must, we use an advanced security system to prevent brute force attacks, block blacklisted IP addresses, and alert us of incoming attacks.  Flawless web security doesn't exist, but this comes close.

  • Security Monitoring

    You can never be too careful. We use a separate 3rd party security monitoring tool so that in the unlikely event that there is a security breach, we'll be the first to know. This can help mitigate any damage done by identifying the problem early on.

Included In Business Plan

  • Video Hosting

    Videos are best hosted on video-specific platforms.  We provide premium video hosting through Vimeo Plus, which allows for the hosting of videos without ads and third-party video suggestions.  Vimeo has some of the fastest and most reliable video delivery systems available.

  • Automated Visual Monitoring

    Uptime monitoring is great for detecting when there is a major server issue that causes your website to go down, and that's included in all plans.  Visual monitoring goes a step further and automatically generates a picture snapshot of your website 12 times a day, then compares it against the last snapshot for changes.  This will pick up on even small things going wrong, for instance, if that youtube video isn't loading properly anymore, or if that image file becomes corrupted. With visual monitoring, we'll know right away.

  • Support and Modifications

    Need something on your website changed? Don't have the time or desire to learn a content management system? We'll be there to make simple changes and updates to your website as needed. 

  • Daily Backups

    Websites that generate a lot of changing content need to be backed up more regularly. We offer daily backups for websites like blogs or forums. All backups are stored off-server for higher security and reliability.

  • Malware and Hack Repair

    Nobody wants their business website used to display inappropriate content. If your site get's hacked, or malware inserted, we'll likely fix it before you would have realized it happened.

  • High Traffic Hosting

    If your website generates higher volumes of traffic, you need a server with more resources that can handle it. You'll get a more powerful dedicated server capable of higher volume traffic, and while this is sufficient for more websites, we offer even more power should it be necessary.

  • Google Analytics Reports

    Google analytics will help you understand how your website is performing. It will allow you to collect data like bounce rate, session length, pages most visited, geographical data and more. You can use this data to make informed changes to improve.

  • Speed Boost

    A speedy website helps you rank higher in search engines, increase customer retention and onsite auctions.  You'll get some of the fasting hosting available, not to mention advanced page caching, image optimization, and other speed boosts to make your site as fast as posisble.

Included In Mission Critical Plan:

  • Hourly Backups

    When you have a website that is extremely dynamic with constantly changing content, you need more frequent backups, so that if anything goes wrong, your site picks up exactly where it left off

  • Emergency Priority Support

    The typical support response time is 24-48 hours. But for mission-critical customers, support happens usually right away (as resources allow). If something happens everything stops until the mission is back on track.

  • More Modifications

    If you need more than the 1 hour of modifications per month provided in the Business Care Plan, the Mission Critical Care Plan provides another hour

  • Google Blacklist Monitoring + Removal

    Google sometimes blacklists websites (removes them from search listings). Usually, this is because the website has been hacked in some way. We scan for blacklisting on a daily basis to make sure your website isn't blacklisted. And if it is, we work with Google to get your website whitelisted again quick.

  • Extra Security

    When good security is not good enough, we use Sucuri's advanced website security platform in addition to our typical security suite to implement a truly impressive security system that, protects against DDOS attacks, applies virtual zero-day security hardening, has double redundant brute force attack prevention, give the ability to lock down your site's back-end and more. This is about as secure as it gets.

  • Trippple Redundant backups

    One set of regularly scheduled off-server cloud stored backups is pretty safe. Two sets of independently generated, separately stored, and separately secured backups is a sure thing. Three? That's mission-critical safe. 

  • Advanced User Tracking

    We'll set you up with some advanced user tracking (beyond google analytics) that lets you see exactly how users behave on your website. Then we'll consult with you on how this feedback might give us clues on how we can improve performance.

  • Monthly Reports

    Keep a handle on updates, uptime monitoring, speed monitoring, security, and google analytics, with simple easy to understand reports that help you make data-driven decisions

  • Speed Monitoring

    A speedy website helps you rank higher in search engines, and give your users a better experience. Not only do we set up your website for speed - we monitor it to make sure it stays speedy. If there's any dip in performance we'll know about it and be able to diagnose and fix the problem.

  • Content Delivery Network

    Implementing a content delivery network speeds up your website by delivering your website on a network of servers rather than just one. This will make pages load faster, which improves user experience and boosts your search engine rankings.

Note: Care Plans can only be applied to websites created by Tolle Web Design. Websites created by third parties may be eligible, but must be inspected first.

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