A Website, Booking, and Waiver System Built for Axe-Throwing Businesses

You need a solution that is custom-built for your unique business type. Our software is built from the ground up to solve the problems of Axe-Throwing Business Owners

Your Business On Autopilot

Our websites automate everything possible for your axe-throwing business to give you the most time back in your week.

Our Websites Increase Sales

Study after study shows that websites with less “friction” get more sales. “Friction” refers to how many steps it takes, and how difficult those steps are, to make a purchase.

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We Eliminate Every Hurdle For Your Customer

Our System makes it super easy to book an axe-throw with minimal thought or effort. Compared to all of the booking platforms we have seen, we have the most user-friendly booking/waiver system on the market.

See Our System In Action

Watch this 3-minute demo to see how easy it is for your customers to use our booking system! 

Get an SEO Advantage Over Your Competitors

Our sites are built from the ground up to help you rank higher in search engines like Google and Bing. We cover the most vital ranking factors in our build process.

SCHEMA Search Engine Markup

SCHEMA lets search engines better interpret your site's information, giving you better visibility in search engine results.

<1.9 S Load Times

Faster Loading means higher visitor retention. We use the fastest frameworks available to achieve super fast loading.

A Page Grades

We take care in optimizing our clients' websites since their performance reflects on the businesses they represent.

Axe Throwing Booking Software That Handles Lanes

Never Overbook Again!

Our system smartly books out lanes for you! Your website will be able to book any size group without overbooking your lanes, or making it necessary for your customers to have to call you to book.

 With our platform, any size group can book through your website and it will reserve the correct number of lanes for that size group. Just tell us the minimum and maximum number of throwers you want to have on each lane! No more having to book large groups over the phone!

Calendar pic showing orders

Save hours and energy not having to worry about conflicts with your normal axe-throwing bookings or other event bookings.

Our platform will take care of the scheduling for you!

Book All Your Events In One Place

Do you offer private room rentals? Full facility rentals? Party packages?

We can handle every kind of booking on our platform. We will make sure that all of your calendars talk to each other to prevent conflicts.

We Can Take Care of Discounts and Custom Rates

We can create different pricing or discount codes for different groups of people (like Veterans or First Responders) or set up different pricing for different days of the week. You will never have to calculate a discount at the register again! Your website should be taking care of that for you.

TWD discounts Snip short

The Best Mobile Axe-Throwing Solution

You shouldn’t have to spend hours on the phone booking your mobile axe-throwing trailer. Our system can take care of that for you!


We can automate different pricing for different times of year.


Want to do something another system can't handle? Ours can.


We can take payments or deposits for the trailer right on your website.


You can block out dates that you don’t want that service to be available.

We Can Do League Sign-Ups Too

League Pricing Pic


Would you like to offer the ability for your customers to join a league right on your website? We can do that too!
Student ID required


Our platform can handle league sign-ups and take payments.
Student ID required


We can make sure that your league sign-ups are only available for the times of year that you offer leagues.

We Take Care of Everything

If you partner with us, you can focus all of your energy on running your business. We take care of everything and keep your site running smoothly.

  • SSL Certificate
  • Hosting
  • Daily Backups of Orders
  • Daily Backups of Waivers
  • Maintenance/Updates

Tech Support is Included

We believe that you should be able to have any issues with your website addressed within 24 hours. We include top-tier tech support with all of our website projects.

Our in-house team of experts answer all tech support requests within 12 hours

Critical tech support requests will always be resolved in under 12 hours.

No Upfront Cost

It's rare that we need any money upfront. Usually, we are able to offer our entire platform with no setup fees. 

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We Don’t Make Money Unless You Do

We charge a 6% Commission on all Bookings through the website to your customer, not to you.

This looks like a small fee assessed at checkout that is combined with applicable taxes.

checkout form fees highlighted

Worried about pushback? Don’t be.

Every form of online booking, from Concertmaster to Uber to Expedia, is subject to a fee. Most of the fees that your customers are willingly paying everyday are far more than 6% and they do it without a thought. It’s normal for everyone who uses their computer to make purchases.

Here's What It Looks Like To Them:

Checkout Without Fees:

2 throwers = $40

Taxes = $2.40

Total = $42.40

Checkout With Fees:

2 throwers = $40

Taxes and Fees = $4.80

Total = $44.80

Most of your customers will not even notice the fee. This small difference to the customer means a world of difference to your business!

A True Partnership Model

We believe the only kind of business that makes sense is win-win. We will make sure that your website is a success because your success is ours too!

Other website design firms have no reason to maintain an ongoing relationship, and take good care of you once your website launches, because they always have to close a new client to pay the bills. We can focus on taking the best care of our clients and making sure that they are always happy with their site.

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